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Little Red Riding Hood. Newly! nteractive children's book

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Are you sick and tired of interactive books with useless ‘interactivity’? We would like to offer you an excellent option. In this story, your child takes part in unraveling the plot. Whether your child is helping Little Red Riding Hood to pack her basket or to notice the Big Bad Wolf in the forest, their every action is a logical decision, their individual contribution to the adventures of the main character.

We pay a great deal of attention to every component of the book. Children are extremely observant and receptive, and any positive emotion at an early age can influence a child’s later life.

  • Professional voice recordings are performed by two actors — female and male voices (Shura Collinson and William Hackett-Jones)
  • The tale is child-friendly, and our small readers can easily understand it. The animated and interactive components were developed taking into consideration the perceptual psychology of children from three to five years old.
  • Original illustrations by Aleksey Antonov (Russia) were first created on paper and then animated using cartoon animation techniques.
  • Our studio has more than five years' experience in the production of animated films (our films have competed at Russian and international animated film festivals).
  • Many people have already forgotten what high quality books are. But the beauty of a certain font and the charm of the pages of a book are our heritage, and we must preserve it. Attention to font is what we consider to be an obligatory component of any text that is called ‘a book’.
  • Aleksey Karpov, the composer, says, “I wanted to write music that would be simple and create a mood, but at the same time wouldn’t distract from reading”.
  • Translations. If you study foreign languages, you’ll like the idea of switching between the text in 13 available languages. This will also be useful for multilingual children :) Every translation was edited by a native speaker.
  • Attention to detail and love of our work have allowed us to compile a unique team of professionals to make an interesting product.

Thank you for choosing our application. Please rate this project and send us your feedback and comments. Our aim is to make animated interactive editions that are completely innovative and truly deserve to be called a Book.

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Little Red Riding Hood. Interactive children's book

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